Mehdi Adlany

Mehdi Adlany

Sworn Translator
Sworn Translator
Translation & Copywriting
10 Years


My name is Mehdi Adlany, sworn translator based in El Jadida, Morocco, and graduate of King Fahd School of Translation. I am passionate about words and the power they wield, olfactive and musical notes, photography, technology and photography. A full-time nerd with insatiable curiosity!

I bring to the table a decade-long experience in select areas, including fine arts translation, legal translation, technical translation (automotive, renewable energy, consumer technology), PR and marketing translation.

My focus all along has been to have keen insights about my client’s actual needs and potential value by keeping tabs on their activity, competitors and industry. The more I know, the better I serve my clients because business objectives are the compass that guides the entire translation process to create value and safeguard interests.

With a multidisciplinary approach, I bring a competitive advantage in projects that require knowledge of different areas. My modus operandi consists of zooming in and out: getting into the detail without losing sense of the bigger picture. And that could be about driving sales, polishing brand image, increasing customer engagement or safeguarding business interests.

Working Languages

98 %
99 %
95 %

Key milestones

  • Graduate of King Fahd School of Translation in 2012 (Master’s Degree)
  • Fine arts translator (2012-2015)
  • 2014 – Senior translator & Head of Translation Department at CARMA Media
  • 2018 – Sworn Translator accredited to the Courts in El Jadida, Morocco

My three-pronged principle

Substance, Nuance & Transcendence are three principles that underpin my translation practice. I am driven by my belief that a translation doesn’t exist in a vacuum; it arises from a need and targets a specific purpose and audience. Words per se don’t represent the whole picture; as a matter of fact, it’s what words are about and for whom they are meant that counts the most. We orchestrate them in different fashions to do things: to understand, to sell, to persuade, to dissuade, to exude an aura, to paint a dream, to safeguard one’s interests. In this vein, I take interest in safeguarding those very interests and hit the target you set your eyes to.

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